Wedding Planning

Congratulations on your engagement! It was your dream and it just came true - the day finally arrived, the love of your life proposed and you just said: "I will!" Friends and family are asking you for every detail: When? Where? Have you chosen your dress? The recommendations are showering you…check out the wedding blogs, get wedding magazines and more. All of a sudden, you are taken into a world of endless ideas, but…oh my…decisions, decisions are sure and short to come, and how can you decide? How can you make this sublime moment in your life even more magical? Where to begin? And what is next? Relax and take a deep breath, Mistura Catering's full Wedding Planning will embrace your wedding concept, orchestrate, organize, plan and coordinate all the details you envision the most at your wedding.

From finding the perfect venue, to the selection of trusted professionals, Mistura Catering will make your wedding an occasion to be remembered and cherished with love. Whether you're dreaming about a chic and sophisticated fête, an understated yet lush affair, or a wedding that evokes your culture and traditions, we love helping you to determine how to pull all of the unique details together that will make your wedding one of a kind--one that reflects the love the two of you profess to each other in an unforgettable experience.

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